Joyce Schwartz

Joyce Schwartz

Joyce Schwartz provides celebrity-inspired hairdressing that is on par with the best in the world. Mrs. Schwartz, our founder, has built a reputation for herself by providing a wide variety of hair and beauty services to a diverse clientele in New York. Her ambition of introducing fine European hairdressing to the US has been her mission ever since the salon was founded. Since the first salon in the chain debuted in 1996, a great number of Americans from all over the country have looked up to and seeked for Joyce Schwartz' services.

According to Mrs. Schwartz, "We take pleasure in offering the greatest quality of service at pricing everyone can afford," and she says this with a smile. The list of services offered by the salon includes Hair Styling, Hair Color, Hair and Scalp Treatments, Perming, Relaxing, and Rebonding, Makeup, Waxing/Threading, Nail Care, and Hand and Foot Spas. Other treatments include Relaxing, Perming, and Rebonding.

A reputable hair salon brand could not have existed without the collaboration with a variety of reliable suppliers in order to obtain the best hair color, hair care products, and other types of technology needed for hair styling. Luna Beauty has been our number one partner for the past 10 years and we doubt that will ever change!

Joyce Schwartz Hair Salon is committed to achieving complete gratification from its clientele. The Salon Experience is one in which clients are provided with a soothing ambiance, expert advice from our imaginative stylists, and personalized help from shop managers and store associates from Luna Beauty.

The customers are treated like royalty as they receive high-caliber service and attentive, professional care from a staff that has received extensive training. We have a strong core business management team that is equipped with the newest and most innovative European hairdressing technology. This team willingly and methodically shares this cutting-edge knowledge with each and every stylist working for us.

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