Morgan Maxwell

Morgan Maxwell

The award-winning Morgan Maxwell Spa & Studio provides a comprehensive range of treatments, such as hair cutting, sophisticated coloring, tape-in and hand-tied weft extensions, wedding and event makeup, and airbrush application. We were chosen number one in "Best of the East Coast" on March 2019, and "Best Experience" on June 2022. The owner, Eleanor, has two boys, Morgan and Maxwell, and they both inspired the name Morgan Maxwell.

Those individuals who are seeking for an establishment where they may have a good time and go away feeling at their very best can count on us to deliver first-rate services and the best Luna Beauty products.

Our color bar takes center stage in our salon, which provides our stylists with the opportunity to collaborate in an atmosphere that is both open and conducive to creative thought. We are continually working toward the goal of developing one-of-a-kind, bespoke colors for each of our customers, and we adore collaborating with you to come up with the ideal solution in order to fulfill your requirements.

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